Our Purpose:

The Barwon Heads Football & Netball Club (BHFNC) aims to provide the best possible environment for members to experience a community sporting club promoting participation, achievement and contribution. 

Our Mission:

To be recognised as a competitive, community and value orientated, professional, fun and successful sporting club, equally admired for on-field and off-field achievements.

Our Vision:

We recognise that the club is greater than any one individual; therefore our vision for success incorporates a variety of components.

Our aspirations are:

  • To be an organisation which runs smoothly and professionally with ample resources and quality facilities
  • To have qualified and accredited coaches, working in cohesion, to develop skills and people
  • To have players in the senior age groups, who are acknowledged as role models for junior members for their sporting ability and social behaviour
  • To be committed to coaching and training and to have established a style of play that promotes on-field success
  • To have a supporter base consisting of playing and non-playing members who actively contribute to the club
  • For the club to be acknowledged as making a contribution to the broader community
  • For all members of the club to consistently display our core values
  • To have the full support of local businesses who are eager to sponsor and promote/support us
  • To have a stable leadership group who are positive, enthusiastic and open to change
  • To have a club environment which is full of energy, commitment and is a great place to be
  • For our club to acknowledged as a leader in our league & region”

Our Values:

Enthusiasm and Commitment

  • We train hard, play hard and have fun
  • We contribute positively both on the field / court and within the club

Respectfulness and Accountability

  • We respect all players, officials, spectators and members
  • We maintain a high standard of personal behaviour
  • We respect the decisions of the coaches and umpires

Teamwork and Collaboration

  • We play and train as part of a team
  • We volunteer and take up roles to achieve the best outcome for the club

Development and Excellence

  • We win cleanly through spirit, talent and discipline
  • All players are given the opportunity to reach their potential
  • Development of all players, umpires and coaches remains a unique feature of our club